The public charity behind Tribal Gathering

Tribal Gathering is the main charitable program of GeoParadise and a platform for cooperation where our indigenous outreach projects are inspired. Get involved and give back to those disadvantaged communities throughout the year!

GeoParadise is a US public charity working with indigenous communities from around the world since 2011. Through indigenous representative groups, we reach out to communities, inviting them to participate in our main event Tribal Gathering and the Inter-tribal Symposiums. These inter-cultural events provide the opportunity to learn from one another and to weave a cooperative network to address the communities needs and challenges.

We encourage the communities to propose projects in line with our charitable goals of providing basic necessities and education, promoting the arts and engaging skillful volunteers. We aim to develop programs which will have a lasting effect, creating long term leverage within the communities they serve. These programs are primarily run by GeoParadise and its volunteers, although we do work in cooperation with other non-profit organizations, schools and foundations.

Our main activities are based in Panama, where we operate programs in several indigenous territories and communities, as well as in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Peru. Our long term vision is to continue to expand our connections and reach, moving into other areas of the world in the near future.


Even a small contribution can make a big difference

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In early November 2020, Hurricane ETA - a devastating Category 4 hurricane - wreaked havoc across many parts of Central America. Just 13 days later an even more destructive category 5 hurricane, IOTA, is said to be the strongest hurricane to hit the region.

Many of our tribal friends in Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica have been terribly affected by the hurricanes causing landslides, floods as well as the destruction of corn and beans crops and several homes with casualties.

Our main goal is to provide nutritional support to as many families as possible by networking and fundraising to purchase relief supplies and deliver them to those who need it most. The ultimate dream would be to provide nutrition for up to 11 months, when their next crops will be harvested. 

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Every year we run and/or support outreach programs with tribes attending Tribal Gathering.

We ask them what they need and how can we help. We let them suggest solutions or work together with them to find one if they are not sure how to address the issues at hand.

These projects range from inter-tribal learning courses to donations of tools or livestock, starting funds for coop stores,  building of infrastructure to provide or improve the access to education, water, energy and much more.

This is only possible thanks to donations to GeoParadise Charitable Fund, made by Tribal Gathering attendees and unconditional supporters.

Check our site for more info!

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We are working to raise funds for the installation of  a desalination plant on the island of Nalunega, Kuna Yala, which unlike most other Kuna islands, does not have a water-pipe from a river because there is none nearby.

Access to fresh water in this community and its 3 neighboring islands is very limited, primarily being collected from rain water during rainy season or from a dirty well far away on the mainland.

A desalination plant will provide clean drinking water for approximately 1000 kuna people that live on these island group.

You can learn more about this issue and the fundraising campaign watching this video.

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