Camp on the on the festival grounds with style and comfort, wake up to the sound of the waves and monkeys, meet your neighbors, share, relax, enjoy... !



We provide 6 tiers of belle tents for rent,  all nestled within the secure "Glam Camp" area. This space features its own showers, toilets, and washing facilities:

BED IN 6-PERSON DORM TENT We are offering shared accommodation options in beautiful and spacious 6 person dorm tents.  These tent dorms feature comfortable latex mattresses and light. You can also find on our store available extra add-ons to make your stay more comfortable (and your travels lighter!) such as pillow and bedding.

PETITE BELLE: Opt for the cozy 3-meter diameter classic belle tent, without a centre pole for extra comfort and spaciousness. It offers two price options for 1 or 2 latex mattresses, featuring a solar light. This tent accommodates a maximum of 2 guests. Additional pillows and bedding are available as extras.

CLASSIC BELLE: Select our timeless 4-meter diameter belle tent situated in a secured area like all our belle tents. This tent comes in two price options for either 2 or 3 latex mattresses and includes a solar light. It accommodates a maximum of 3 guests. Pillows and bedding can be added to enhance your comfort.

DOUBLE BELLE: Choose our classic 4.5 meter diameter belle tent equipped with two single 7 cm thick latex mattresses on pallet beds, full bedding, electricity, a fan, a lamp, a rug, cushions, and a lockable wooden trunk for securing your valuables. This tent accommodates a maximum of 2 guests.

TRIPLE BELLE Classic 5 m diameter belle tent, 3 single 7 cm thick latex mattresses on pallet beds, bedding, electricity, fan, lamp, rug, cushion and hand made lockable wooden trunk to store your valuables.  The maximum is 3 guests per tent.

LUXURY BELLE: Immerse yourself in luxury with Balinese antique furniture, a king-size bed boasting a 15 cm thick latex mattress, complete bedding, electricity, a fan, a lamp, a rug, cushions, two chairs, and a lockable wooden chest. This tent accommodates a maximum of 2 guests.

Availability is very limited! Keep tuned for the start of the bookings in the summer and secure yours so you don't miss your chance to enjoy the next level of festival dwelling!


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If you want to travel light but not yet ready for glam camping, we also have available for rent single or double occupancy dome tents and sleeping mats. We also offer tarps for extra protection for your tent and bedding sets (2 sheets, pillow + cover) in 3 bed sizes: single, double and king size.

Come to claim your camping gear at the info desk at The Hub and go find your favorite spot to camp within the festival grounds. To secure availability, you can book online here staring in the summer. If still available, you might be able get them at the event's info desk without previous booking, first come first serve basis. We kindly ask that, before you leave the gathering, you clean, pack and return your camping equipment to the Hub so it can be reused in future events.